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This journal was created mainly as a place to keep pretty Star Trek icons and all my Star Trek fics. I'm kind of astonished how much I've been producing. Rating ranges from G to NC-17, and of course there will be spoilers. Some of the fic is cross-posted on the Star Trek kink meme (a few are posted anonymously, others under my original journal) and fanfiction.net

Comments and friend requests are love. I will probably use both tags and the memories function to track posts and chapters in a story.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I've been writing a pretty long Dresden Files fanfic (it's within 500 words of hitting 15k), among other things.  If you're interested in the fic, you can read it here.  Thought y'all might be interested, since I ran into leaper182 in there.

Ficlet and announcement

I've been fairly inactive here for a while, mostly because I haven't been posting on the kink meme or filling fills anymore ;n; But!  I'm going to try to catch up a little better.  And, hey, I found a ficlet I'm pretty sure I haven't linked to previously, way back in part 6.  It's a bit silly and very short, lol.

ficletCollapse )

Links ;w;

 So, I installed Windows 7.  Overall, I'm very pleased.

Except I didn't back up my bookmarks, so now I don't have any of my kink meme prompts marked anymore.  This includes ones I was planning to respond to...eventually.  There may even be a few that I responded to but haven't archived.  I don't think so, but since I can't definitively say otherwise...

*sigh* this is really unfortunate.  What's the worst is I lost my WIP links - including for some of the fics I was writing directly as commentfic, meaning I have no backup copies.  Please, if you have any of my WIP fics favorited, could you reply with the link?  *cuddles everyone* as is, it could be a very long time before I finish them.  But not having the links would probably mean never finishing them.

Fic: Be Careful What You Wish For

 Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Pairing: Kirk/Chekov
Rating: R
Summary: Chekov is turned into a dog via a misunderstanding with some aliens.  Jim comes to a realization.  He and Chekov explore Chekov's kink.
Note: this is a slightly refined version of the fic I posted here, which is a prequel to my puppy play series.  The stories are all linked on this page, and I'll do more thorough linking when I've reposted all of them.

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Ficdump 4!

Friday the Thirteenth is very lucky for y'all! I thought I had 18 fics done, but apparently I was wrong. I'd already started writing the post, though, so I decided to go ahead and put it up.

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Okay! Business and news:

I have added a ficdump tag so you can find the archival posts with greater ease. When I actually start archiving fic on my journal with serious dedication, I will switch the link in the title of the fic summary to a link that goes to my journal entry, instead of to the meme. The meme/original prompt will still be linked in both locations (the summary on the ficdump post, and the summary on the individual journal entry post). Shorter fics may be smushed into one post, but I'll try to only do that if they're serials.

School has been really busy this semester and I've been sick a lot (plus I'm playing my game, I started a new roleplay, and I'm trying to organize a tabletop D&D group, as well founding a gay rights political action organization on my campus), so I haven't written much. But once I finish one or two more fics, I'm going to start another ficdump. I just haven't figured out which fics it'll be yet. With two more fics completed, I'll have another 18-fic dump for y'all. Anyone still reading this?

In other news, I've been dipping into the Hetalia fandom, but I expect to swing back into Star Trek once I own the DVD. Though I have written a Hetalia/ST crossover, which I'll probably post on my journal eventually xD

Send me a message or leave me a comment whenever you like, I love to hear from y'all! Pass along prompts you think might be interesting, too...I might, some day, catch up to the Kink Meme. But...it could be a while, and when I read through that, I usually read through it, so it takes longer, since I'm not just skimming prompts.


Am I crazy?  Because I could have sworn I wrote an AMTDI-marriage fic with Scotty and Bones, called "Compromises" or something similar, where they stay together out of convenience.  But I can't find it anymore (not in the fic dumps, at least).  Anyone know what I've done with it?

...Or if I'm mentally stealing someone else's work?

Jesus Tap-Dancin' Christ on a Pogo Stick

Dudes, I leave you alone for what, a month, month and a half, and what do you do?


I am both awed and slightly repulsed.  I am also finally caught up to part 14, with one complete new fic and another in the tubes.  Twelve or thirteen more and y'all will have another fic dump coming :D  In the mean-time, I may get around to archiving again.  I should also work on my gorram Big Bang fic.  Has that deadline passed yet?  I want to say it was the end of September, but I may have failed miserably.  I feel like I should have gotten some communication from the comm management.

*shrug* if I missed the deadline, I'll polish it up on my own and post it here for my beloved readers, in the hopes that one of you will bless me with artwork (that's the main reason I was doing the Big Bang, anyway, promise of illustration).

School's going okay, though I'm suffering through the drama of being waitlisted for a class I usually love and kind of need for my major.  Hopefully it will work out; if it doesn't, I'm restructuring my major.  I don't want to talk about it or hear more about it, I just thought I'd let y'all know that actual class scheduling has been a bit rough for me so if I'm still not terribly prolific for a while, that's why.  I love most of my classes, but language classes are a bitch and a half to schedule, especially when you need to schedule them around other languages : /

Anyway!  I'm all moved back into my dorm and settling in pretty well socially (sophomore year feels a lot easier than freshman year, and I'm definitely way more interested in most of my classes).  Soon I'm going to have to work out a balancing act between social life, fanfic, original fiction, tabletop gaming, and my MMORPG of choice, Lord of the Rings Online.  I hardly played at all during the summer, and I'm starting to seriously jones for leveling.  Plus, an expansion's due out soon :D  We'll get to go to Mirkwood!!!

I love y'all and think of you often and mourn that I haven't more time for fic.